If you have lost or found a pet you can call us at 417-256-1025 or email news@ozarkradionetwork.com

You can also call West Plains Animal Control at 417-255-1860.  If you have LOST your pet, please check here: http://www.westplainspolice.com/animal_control.html as well.



Found: Male dog found on porch of home off of Hull Street near CC Highway in West Plains. Very friendly. 417-763-0055. (4/22)




Found: Male dog found. No collar, docked tail, spots brindle. Found 4/13 about halfway down JJ hwy. Call 417-255-2669 to claim.




Found: Mixed breed female dog brindle in color. She is medium size & wearing a white and orange collar. Found on the south side of cabool. Please call 417-962-3449 (4/13)

Found: Female Dachshund mix puppie around 9 to 12 weeks old, dark brown/black color wearing a pink collar with Rhinestones. Found at the Fairview school on the playground. Call 417-256-3868 (4-9)

Found: Male Brindle color dog very friendly, no collar. Found out CC Hwy in WP. Call 417-293-4356 (4-1)

Found: Male, 5 – 6 months old tan hound/shepherd mix at Arrowhead Lakes, just off JJ Hwy, south of West Plains. Found March 22. To claim call or text 417-293-7457. (4/1)




Found: Small dog found on CC Highway during Wednesday, March 25 storms. Has a collar, but no tag. very friendly and sweet.Found off of Chateau Dr in the West Plains Country Club area. 417-204-4047. (3/26)



Found: Female Rat Terrier, may have recently had puppies. Found right off bypass on CC Hwy. Call 257-1540 or 274-9451. (03-26)

FOUND: Male Black lab with a white chest, no collar found on hwy 142 last wednesday 256-1194 (3/24)

Found: Male Red Nose Pit Bull, Neutered. Found on CORD 1280 in West Plains. (3-23)

Found: approx 1 yr old, red and white, male, Pit Bull and a very young light brown and white female mixed breed puppy in the middle of P Hwy near Alton. NO COLLARS 274-0612 (3/23)

Found: Intact male pug that has an injured leg. Found wandering in West Plains. He is currently at the Animal Clinic of West Plains, 1101 State Route 17. If this is your dog call 417-256-6145. (3/17)



Found: Long-haired red and black Dachshund. Collar says Zeppy. Last seen in Wayhaven area of West Plains. 417-274-8858. (3/15)

FOUND: A very friendly male part Australian Sheppard dog wearing a red collar. Found on N Hwy in Pomona. Please call 293-5772. (3-12)

Found: A young female Golden Retriever puppy with no collar or tags. Found on East Main St by Dollar General. Please call 702-542-1572. (3-11)

Found: Small Male Dog blonde long hair no collar found in the Kay Woods Estates 3/10/15 Call 293-0562. (3-10)

found: Black and white female cat found at the gas station in Mansfield  417-545-0629 (03/02)

Found: female sheep in Pottersville area. Please call 417-257-5553. (3/1)


Lost: Male Min-Pin Black & Tan wearing a Blue collar, lost near CORD 1750 & CORD 1540 in WP. Call 417-274-7230 (4-23)


Lost: Male cat, last seen Sunday, 4/12 on CR 264 in Vanzant. He has his claws and is neutered. Has a small piece missing from one ear. If you find this cat or have any information, call 259-0749. (4/20)



Lost:  Black male lab/dachshund mix with black & white chest.  Blue collar.  Lost on CR8240 & Main St. in West Plains.  417-274-0411.  (4-14)

Lost: Male Chihuahua Tan & White wearing a Red collar with Tags. Lost near CORD 1710 behind Richards School. Call 417-372-3522 (4-13)

Lost: Small tan female dog named Carmel. She has frost blue eyes and a purple collar. Last seen at the Howell county line on a dirt road, not sure which one. 417-372-3519.




Lost: Morkie named Lil’ Bit. Lost near Central Church of Christ. If found, call 417-260-4252. (4/08)




Lost: Lexi, 8-9 month old walker coonhound. Missing from County Road 6420 in West Plains since Tuesday. She has scars on her hind left leg from surgery (broken leg as a puppy) and was spayed only 2 weeks ago. Was wearing an orange collar with her name and phone number 417-274-9988. (4/6)



Lost/stolen: 8 wk. old female English Bulldog. Last seen in West Plains March 30 around 3:30 PM. Believed to have been stolen from the home. Reward offered. Please call 417-259-1972 or the West Plains Police Department at 417-256-2244.




Lost: Male Shih Tzu Black & White no collar. Found on Howell St in WP Call 417-293-8679 or 471-712-4968 (04-02)

Lost: Male dog name Hercules. Last seen 4/1/15 afternoon on south 17 near White Ranch near West Plains. Wearing a reflective orange collar. If seen please call 417-255-5265 or 417-256-2618. (4/1)




THIS DOG HAS BEEN FOUND! Lost:  1 mile down S.17 HWY a Black & Tan Male Yorkie no collar.  Named ‘Jack’.  417-274-3983.

Lost: Longer haired chihuahua (5 to 6 pounds) named Benji. Went missing from a dirt road back behind the Dake Storage area in West Plains on March 18. He was not wearing a collar when he went missing. If found, call 417-505-0210. (3/30)




Lost: 2 year old male blue heeler named Leon. Last seen 1 mile east of the MFA feed store (on Bratton Ave) at his home on County Road 8240. If found, please call (417) 274-9662 or (417) 257-5140. (3/30)




Lost: 12-year-old, 6 lb black and tan chihuahua named Trixie. Last seen off of F Highway near Murphin’s Market on March 24. Reward offered. Call 417-343-4486. (3/26)




Lost: Female Great Pyrenees, all white with grey mask around her face. Missing from the Peck Ranch/Rocky Creek area of Winona. May be trying to return home to Fremont area. If found or have information please call 573-870-0139, 573-226-5483, or 417-689-1298. (3/26)

THIS DOG HAS BEEN FOUND! Lost: Blue Healer with long tail, wearing a blue tag with name: Leon. From Thompson Stables on Old Howell Valley Rd. 1 mile east of WP. Call 257-5140 or 274-9662. (03-25)

Lost:  Male black German Shepherd w/ ice blue eyes, black collar, AND Female Black & tan German Shepherd, floppy ears, no collar.  Lost in the Rolla area near HWY OO.  Possibly seen running together in the Texas County area.  718-902-5906.



THIS DOG HAS BEEN FOUND:  6 year old black and brown mini dachshund named Twilight. Last see on CR. 343 off of east 160 ( across from JJ) on March 22. He runs with a limp in his back leg. No collar. 417-855-0442. (3/23)

Lost: Male Chihuahua Tan, name, Grizzly, very friendly. Lost North of West Plains on CORD 1750. Call 417-274-3614  (3-23)

Lost: Black and white male Great Dane. Last seen around Burnham area, CR 4990 and AA Hwy near Willow Springs. Should have a collar. Please call 417-469-5353 or 417-252-1313. (3/15)




Lost: 3-month-old lab/sheep dog mix named Winston. Went missing Wednesday March 4. Last seen at home on CR 6300 West Plains. He was wearing a red collar but no information on it. If you have seen him call 417-257-2307. (3/15)



Lost:  Male Pitbull, brindle.  With black harness.  No tags.  Very friendly.  Named ‘Dumpster’.  Lost by West Plains High School.  REWARD OFFERED.  417-247-0828.  (3-10)

Lost: 2yr old spayed female Cat Grey, Black and White wearing a Blue Green collar. Lost on Monk St. or in the Country Mart parking lot. Last seen Friday the 6th. Call 417-293-6148 (3-10)

Lost:  2 tri-colored female beagles with no collars.  Lost in the Olden area north of West Plains, north of Howell-Oregon Electric.   293-5768.  (3-9)

Lost: 1-year-old black lab named Duke. Orange collar. Lost on South 17 between Hilltop Chapel and White Ranch Road. Last seen Saturday afternoon near Maid Rite in WP. If found call 417-255-3592 or 417-257-5657. REWARD OFFERED (3/09)


Lost: 1-year-old male cat named Eros. Last seen on W. 3rd Street and Utah in West Plains. Call 417-372-2610. (3/6)




Lost:  Male Great Pyrenees/Boxer mix, blue eyes, grey on ear, no collar.  Bobbed tail.  Lost CR 1770 & 1300 behind the old landfill north of West Plains.  417-372-2384.  (3-6)

Lost: 3-month-old black and white mix breed of Old English Sheep Dog and Lab named Winston. VERY friendly. He was wearing a red collar but no information on it. Last seen March 4 at home on CR 6300 West Plains. If you have seen him please call 417-257-2307. (3/5)

Lost: 1-year-old black lab named Duke. Orange collar. Lost on South 17 between Hilltop Chapel and White Ranch Road. Last seen Saturday afternoon near Maid Rite in WP. If found call 417-255-3592 or 417-257-5657. REWARD OFFERED (3/09)



Lost: 3 female papillons black and white toy breed very cute and friendly. Last seen February 24. Answer to the names Phoenix, Patchy and Mojo. Lost north of Willow Springs at Highway 137 and AZ. Reward offered. 417-469-0848. (3/2)

Lost: female Pomeranian named Ginger. Chestnut brown color with a pink and white polka dot collar. Lost in the Junction Hill area. Call 417-372-5890. (3/1)