If you have lost or found a pet you can call us at 417-256-1025 or email news@ozarkradionetwork.com

You can also call West Plains Animal Control at 417-255-1860.  If you have LOST your pet, please check here: http://www.westplainspolice.com/animal_control.html as well.


Found: Young male lab found in the Pomona area. Very well mannered and friendly. Please call 417-247-2192 if this is your dog. (9/25)



Found:  small black female mixed breed dog with white paw.  No collar.  Shaggy muzzle.  Found on CR 1330.  372-2384.  (9-25)

Found:  male black & white pit bull with wide black collar.  Found on KK Hwy.  217-2932.  (9-25)

FOUND: Brindle colored male dog that looks like he has some beagle mixed in. Wearing a red flea color, very friendly, found on Rhonda Dr in WP. Please call 256-2340 (9/24)

FOUND: Large yellow/golden male short haired dog. Looks young and has been taken care of. Found on JJ Hwy near China Union Church. Please call 505-9716 (9/24)

Found: Brown and white pony at a home in Hutton Valley. Very gentle. 417-469-1542. (9/23)

Found: Small female dog, possibly a Pomeranian. Found wandering Monday morning along K Highway just outside of West Plains around the Whispering Pines Trailer Park. Owner can claim at 417-256-1401. (9/22)

Found: Female Rottweiler (possibly a mix) found Saturday, Sept. 20 on Howell CR 1180 near Junction Hill. Black with tan around neck, face and paws. No collar. 417- 274-0280. (9/20)




Found: a tabby cat mix with half a tail. Found on K Hwy in West Plains by Fairview School. Please call 417-255-1440 (9/19)

Found: brown, male, mastiff. 1 or 2 years old, wearing a brown collar. Very sweet and gets along with small dogs. Found between JJ and E Hwy. Please call (417) 372-2505 or (417) 284-7076. (9/19)




FOUND: Black & White kitten that looks about 7-8 weeks old. No collar, found on West 7th Street in West Plains. Please call 255-2216. (9/19)

Found: Young male, possibly yellow Lab, with no collar. Came to a home just off Delp Road in the Mtn. View area the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 17. 417-934-1168. (9/17)

Found Pit Bull mix Brindle color wearing a Red Collar found on KK in Pottersville. Call 517-224-6230 (9-17)

Found: Young male Basset hound found on County Road 4740 (West Olden) in West Plains. 417-256-2066. (9/16)

Found: Yorkie Found on BB HWY in West Plains, Female, 417-293-8439

dogFound: Small female, possibly Jack Russell Terrier. Has heart marking on back. Found on 9/11, near South Fork on County Road 7140. Contact Judy or Sarah Harden, 417-256-7988 (9-12)

Found: Young Male Shepherd Mix on Sturkey Rd. in Moody AR. Please call 417-284-3371. (9-8)

Found: female American/English bulldog mix found around White Church. Maybe a year old. White head, smaller, brindle body. Big pink collar. Has had puppies sometime within the last six months. Sweet dog. Very well mannered. Call and leave a message at 417-257-2154. (9/5)

FOUND: Female Bassett hound found in the Glass Sword area.  She is wearing a brown leather collar, no tags.  257-3771 (9/4)

FOUND: A young black gray and white female Huskey dog wearing a black collar. Found on Pierce & Renfrow in WP. Please call 417-274-0567 or 372-9976. (9/4)


FOUND: 2 Redbone Hound mix pups dumped. look to be about 6 months old. no collars. 2 miles south of West PLains on HWY63. 293-5523 (8/25)

Found: Dachshund/Yorkie mix female puppy found on Lanton Rd. in WP. Call 293-2024. (8-22)

Found:  Young male nutered Border Collie mix, tri-colored, no collar.  Found at All Pet in WP.  293-8209 (8-21)

FOUND: Young, male dog.  Short hair, long legs, bobbed tail.  Marked like a Border Collie. Very friendly. He tries hard to be good.  Found 4 miles East of Mtn. View MO 866-451-6496 (8/15)

FOUND: A female white with red spots young puppy that looks like a Brittany Spaniel wearing an orange collar. Found at the end of UU Hwy in Howell County. Very friendly dog! Please call 417-469-3218 (8/13)

Found: Male Bluetick Coonhound with blue collar. Found on CR 9220 in West Plains.  Please call 372-1337. (8-13)

Found Blue Heeler puppy, male.  Found on CR 3730 off HWY 160.  256-2642.  (8-12)

FOUND: A female black and tan rottweiler wearing an orange collar and a male brindle colored pitt wearing a grey collar. Both dogs are friendly and have been very well taken care of. Found on CR 6070 in West Plains. Please call 417-274-8688 to claim them. (8/12)



Lost: Mix breed White Male dog with speckles on ears & nose, no collar lost on Old 160 1 mile behind Colton’s in West Plains. Call 293-2472 (10-1)

Lost: 7 month old lab/walker mix. Male. John Deere collar. 417-293-4524. (9/29)

LOST:  An older male golden retriever who has a hard time hearing and seeing. Lost about 7 miles out of West Plains on S. 17 Hwy. Please call 257-5657. (9/24)

Lost: Male house cat. Yellow, has been declawed. Lost from the Alton area. 417-270-1842. (9/19) THIS CAT HAS BEEN FOUND.

LOST: A red and white,  male,  King Charles Cavalier wearing no tags or collar. He is mircrochiped. Lost at the West Plains Vet Clinic on West 160 Hwy on 9/18/14. Please call the vet clinic at 256-4515 or his owner at 293-5288. (9/18)

Lost Cow: black heifer with yellow ear tag number 13. Last seen between RA and NN on Highway 60. Call 417-247-7119 THIS COW HAS BEEN FOUND.

3 LOST:  A Pitbull mix, brindle with red collar, and two little Jack/rat/wiener/chihuahua mix. One is copper with white markings and the other is black with brown markings.  These 3 males went missing Thursday in the Pottersville area on KK Hwy between Blair Bridge and Four Corners.  417-885-9145 (9/12)

LOST: A very small long haired female Papalion dog named Honey. She is gold/copper in collar and wearing a purple or dark pink collar. Lost in the Wayhaven area. Please call 417-274-7235 (9/10)

LOST last week: All White, female, Eskimo dog with pink collar and Oklahoma tags.  Lost down JJ hwy past China Church  256-6856 (9/8)

Lost:  Female black pomeranian with no collar.  Lost at Shroeder’s trailor park near Glass Sword Cinema in WP.  REWARD OFFERED.  293-8206 (9-5)

LOST: Small male Yorkie named Teddy. He is golden in color and wearing a red harness.  Lost on West Main around 11:30 thursday morning  256-8868 (9/4)

Lost:  Female Pekinese w/ red collar and tags.  Lost on Amyx St. in West Plains.  255-3813.  (8-29)

Lost: Dark red male bone hound. Long legged, long ears,yellow eyes. Has a cut or scar on his right side of his body. Went missing either last Wednesday or early Thursday on the corner of 8040 and 9790 in West Plains, or between east 160 and ZZ Highway. No collar. 417-256-3536 (8/26)

Lost: White Female Bull Dog with brown spots, red collar named diamond.  Lost behind Glass Sworn on Lanton.  417 257-0187.

Lost: Male Aussie mix Black with some gold and white under belly and neck. Missing since 5 PM Thursday from CR 1710 about 3/4 mi. from Richards school. He is only about 1 yr. old and has his rabies tag on his collar but NO other identification. 417-256-6171 or 417-256-3312 in the evenings (8/22)