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Omnibus: (noun) a volume of reprinted works of a single author or works related in interest or theme.

Recently, I have been confronted with votes on omnibus bills in Jefferson City. I was not prepared for this, as I thought these bills were only brought forth in Washington D.C. These omnibus bills are infamous for “pork”, special agendas, and extra spending. As I grappled with the decision of how to vote on these bills, I was greatly perplexed. While these bills did have some points I agreed with, they also had agendas tied to them that I did not feel would better our district or would force us to spend unnecessary funds, if passed.

I looked for answers on how to walk this fine line of voting. My “yes” vote would mean that I agreed with all parts of the bill. My “no” vote would mean that I disagreed with all parts of the bill. This was not the case, but I knew that would be the perception. I searched for guidance and was told to, “Weigh the good with the bad” and “This is the way government has been done since 1821”. I pondered these notions and was unable to square this advice with my beliefs.

I cannot vote “yes” for a bill if it has attachments that would not be best for our district; I feel I must vote “no” unless all parts of the bill are in the best interest of the constituents of the 143rd district. I will continue to push for smaller government, less regulations, and a fiscally responsible legislature.

James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1791—“In planning, forming, and arranging laws, deliberation is always becoming, and always useful.”

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