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Paul Summers WP

Brent Turner 43 WP

Keagen & Kagen Brotherton 8 WP (from MOM)

April Tharp         WP

Kyle Kidwell     32       Cabool (from Mom and Dad)

Cole Bauer     22     Saint Anthony, Idaho

Jamie Cutler Bryan

Mandilyn Collins    20     WP

Larry Carter     62      Twin Bridges  (Retiring from Regal-Beloit today after 38 years!)

Diedre Cunningham        WP   (from her sister in South Carolina)

Joe Ceplina  53    (Saturday)

Stephanie Nelson 28 listening in Duluth, Minnisota

Christina McClung    Mammoth Spring

Zach  Schrable    WP

Zac Holingshad WP ( 1st anniversary of his 29th B-day)

Larry Smith  56

Ellen Andrayzeck 63 Pomona (ann dray zick) (kdy winner)

Jim Huff Sr. 74 Pomona (from wife who love’s him very much)

Edith Jorens   87  Houston

Myles Smith      52       WP

Ashley Miller    19      Mtn View

Dixie Miller    1           Mtn View

Lynsie Nieves (Nee-eh-vez) 13 Mt.View

(Mr.) Kenaniah Ratteree      12   MGrove

Audrey Barret     14      WP (Glenwood student)

Diamond Danner       9      Cherokee Village

David Collins       Pomona

Charles  Montgomery                 WP

Mark VonAllman           WP

Amanda Melvin     18     WP

Kensi Rasor     21     WP

Audrey Rosa       MView

Tammy Watson WP  (works at Ozark Action)

Derek Hayes 31 WP   (kdy winner)

Lynn Girdley 58 WP (guy)

Faye Smith          WP (from her aunt)






Richard and Marcella Bean     26    WP

Amy Foster   35  WP

Carol Wininger   70  Dora (wine-un-grrr)

James Meal    21    Willow

Judy Male      Overland Park, KS    59

Mark Hall       WP

Charlotte Smith        WP Winner

Remy Sanders         1     WP

Lanae Steele          Pottersville



David and Gail Collins      26 yrs     Willow Springs


David Grant   Willow

Rachel Young 46

Jason Rector  23

Kelsey Orr 14 Alton (girl)

Ransen Kidwell    4       Cabool

Stephanie Mingy      WP

Sawyer Reed       6     WP

Kenneth Young 87 WP (was Saturday)

Juanita Teeple     WP  (kdy winner)

Theresa Shipley     WP

Dwayne Elliott      Birch Tree

Wendy McDaniel 32 WP (From her Husband) winner

Jessica Bunch      28      Willow Springs

Stacy Alcorn     12     WP   (Saturday)

Kelly Davenport           WP    (Saturday)

Braxton Osthoss    5    WP

Wade Ceplina   Saturday (suh pleen uh)

Brendon Martin 15 WP (Sat)

Shyann Martin 8 WP (Sun)

Kirsten Loman 16 Willow

Kaitlin Rogers WP (Works at Wood Huston)

Emmi McDaniel    14    WP




Eddie & Jenny Green 28yrs Willow Springs

Craig & Paris Jordan 34yrs WP

Bob & Jenette Hayes   MV (married a lot of years)

Austin Jenkins 11 WP

Gavin Crawford 13 Pomona

Sierra Roberts      19     Koshkonong

Regena Tuttle     35         Koshkonong (from her daughter Michelle)

Tara Weaver

Rick Lee     57

Eddie Lawrance         WP

Mildred Young        WP  (kdy winner)

Chloe Simpson 5 WP (little girl)

Bill Alsup 52 WP


03-20-Wendy McDaniel

03-23-Juanita Teeple

03-24-Charlotte Smith

03-25-Derek Hayes

03-26-Ellen Andrayzcak

03-27-Mandylin Collins



03-27-Anniversary -David & Gail Collins

03-27-History-Robbie Minge